MacCoffee Cappuccino di Torino

MacCoffee presenting: aromatic and genuinely Italian new product Cappuccino DI TORINO is a famous recipe from Torino, Italy. Proportions of this beverage are unique and well balanced, which is the key to the enjoyment brought by its exquisite coffee taste and tender foam. Italy gave birth to numerous coffee beverages, and cappuccino is by far one of the world’s favorites. Italians are connoisseurs of coffee taste, and that is why they prefer their cappuccino with dark chocolate added. Cappuccino DI TORINO is a superior and widely recognized cappuccino with real chocolate crumbs. It was developed using an Italian recipe whereby coffee, sugar and cream were combined and complemented with dark Belgian chocolate. Thanks to the convenient format, the beverage is easy to make: the contents of a sachet are emptied into a cup and hot water is poured on top.


Packaging Details:
25,5g x 20s x 20 packs/ctn