MacCoffee Favorite Is Our New Favorite

As of today, the segment of granulated coffee totals more than 25% of the market share. There is a strong player on the market and yet there is space for another one who would be on par. MacCoffee sends out a new favorite: meet Favorite granulated coffee!

“Favorite” boasts of everything that is needed to become one of the leaders on the granulated coffee market. It is available in 75g/150g psoft packs that are so demanded by our customers. The design is simple and spiffy, and draws the attention at once: you just cannot overlook this bright red pack with a cup of rich aroma coffee on it. Given that it is very trendy these days to opt for organic food and healthy products that contain vitamins and minerals, the line ‘Natural source of antioxidants’ next to the image of a coffee bean and a green leaf definitely gives it extra points. Overall brand image is very positive and compares favorably with competitors products.

Impeccable design underlined the quality of the product itself. Favorite strikes back easily: granulated coffee lovers will appreciate its full, strong taste and rich aroma. The launch of Favorite has been followed up by aggressive advertising campaigns that have included supermarkets listings and promotional programs for whole sale markets and retailers alike. We have yet to wait to see how confident our Favorite will feel on the market, but current expectations are more than favorable and we foresee product range expansion through introduction of new packaging.