Pride of the collection

Freeze-dried coffee in glass jars has been sought after and has become a very popular product. Naturally, we’ve thought of expanding its presence in stores. Following up the success of “Gold” and Premium varieties, let us introduce you Collection catering for the needs of demanding customers.

Freeze-dried coffee is the top variation of instant coffees. Its target audience is the stratum of customers who set high criteria for the product quality, and the manufacturer has to meet those criteria. Richness of the aroma and taste of such coffee has to be truly exquisite and verge to the one of natural coffee. People who are always on the go need to be sure that when they have a spare moment to have a sip of an invigorating beverage, the latter is always of excellent quality. That is why our ‘Gold and Premium brands have been so successful, and that will also be the key to the success of Collection.

A glass jar of clear lines and perfect proportion contains a very special blend of several coffee varieties from Western Brazil. We are absolutely positive that Collection will appeal to coffee lovers and will become a must on their to-buy-list. Everything in this product is destined to give you pleasure: from a neat jar that looks so great and that is such a delight to hold, to its content.