MacCoffee Supports Young Sportsmen

It is a known fact that MacCoffee actively supports all kinds of football games, be that local, Russian or European championships. The brand can be clearly seen on the playground perimeter as well as in ad blocks.

- Since recently MacCoffee decided to support local young talents, giving preference to those who seeks to reach the top and shows dedication and determination on this way.

In May 2011 MacCoffee became the Official Sponsor of the junior football team in Dmitrov (Moscow region). Two football teams received from our company two sets of competition outfit, one for house matches, and one for visiting matches.

Investing in young sportsmen we invest in our future. Support for young football players is the key for future Russian sport successes and victories. We are happy to feel that MacCoffee too has contributed to it. We will keep an eye on the progress of the Dmitrov’s football club and will continue to support it in the future, - says Maksim Shevtsov, MacCoffee Brand manager.