MacCoffee presenting: aromatic and genuinely Italian new product Cappuccino DI TORINO is a famous recipe from Torino, Italy. Proportions of this beverage are unique and well balanced, which is the key to the enjoyment brought by its exquisite coffee taste and tender foam.



On August ,12th and 13th, a bright celebration of India National Day endorsed by MacCoffee took place in Moscow.


gglomerated coffee MacCoffee Favorite

We are glad to perform agglomerated coffee MacCoffee Favorite in convenient 2 g sachets in strips in the show-boxes which have special holder allows sachets to be placed easily at the checkout area and to make them more visible


MACCOFFEE ARABICA 3IN1WINNING Innovative Product 2017 International Award

For the 4thtime the globally acclaimed Innovative Product of the Year contest has been arranged in Russia, where the winners are selected by the consumers.

This year MacCoffee Arabica 3in1has been voted the best in the Coffee Beverages nomination.



In early July a bright and hot event took place in Novokuznetsk, at Yermakov Square, in the framework of the City Day endorsed by MacCoffee and the city administration.



In 2017 Novosibirsk has celebrated its 124thbirthday, andMacCoffee, by tradition, has warmly supported the city’s top event.


Everybody Dance! final TV show sponsored by MacCoffee

"On May, 7""th"", a long-awaited and exciting moment of truth was broadcast by ROSSIYA-1 national TV channel for the participants of the country’s top Everybody Dance! show. For the long two months MacCoffee, just like all the TV viewers, was among their hottest fans and supporters.


MacCoffee is the Official Sponsor of European Figure Skating Championships 2017

MacCoffee is proud to be the Official Sponsor ofEuropean Figure Skating Championships 2017.

European Figure Skating Championship is one of the oldest and prestigious sport event, MacCoffee is honoured to be the official sponsorship for more than a decade.


MacCoffee will show the best Bollywood-movies to the Russians

MacCoffee is happy and proud to announce that the company is going to appear as the general sponsor of the Bollywood Film Festival, which will be held from November 30 to December 7, 2016. The festival will provide the possibility to become acquainted with the modern Indian cinematography to the inhabitants of 21 Russian cities, including Moscow and Saint Petersburg.


Product of the Year official award

The XVIII Product of the Year official award ceremony took place on the November 16 in Izvestia Hall. MacCoffee is still unbeatable leader in the coffee mix category. The Golden Star is a merit of high quality product. This victory is the proof of the solid and successful brand strategy, high loyalty level to the brand and the product.


MacCoffee is the official sponsor of the World Cup of Hockey

We've been waiting for it for more than 20 years. And finally it has happened again. World Cup of hockey with the best teams ever fighting on ice starts on the 17th of October. MacCoffe is the only official sponsor of this event on Russia. All teams need the Hot support, but we support Russian team by heart. For some legendary players it will be the last event, because this sport festival will be held only once in four years. That is why millions of fans will be breathlessly attached to the ice rivalry. MacCoffee Strong, which became stronger and full bodied, will be promoted within the TV broadcasting, as well as will be integrated in multichannel campaign of the world cup of hockey.


Jubilee with MacCoffee: Omsk was celebrating for three days!

Birthday comes once a year, and the 300-year anniversary - once in 300 years. Isnt it a reason to celebrate in a big way?


MacCoffee is where holiday and vacation are

In summer, our company has introduced a brand new product - MacCoffee Gold 3in1. This is a flavorful coffee drink with real freeze-dried crystals. Thanks to its convenient form of production it is ideally suited to enjoy your favorite flavor anywhere: on a trip, a picnic, and even on the beach.


A vigorous day for Nizhny Novgorod and Novosibirsk

In June, two Russian megacities fired up with MacCoffee.


MacCoffee made a hockey holiday for the fans

May was really a hot month even on ice! Russia hosted a world hockey championship and MacCoffee became one of the sponsors of this exciting event. The stakes were really high so our team needed the hottest of supports indeed!


Find MacCoffee in social networks and win prizes

During the whole month of April, MacCoffee subscribers in social media participated in exciting draw games. Now we can say for sure that coffee gives not only energy and concentration but also heat and maybe even foresight! And, of course, inspires for new feats on Mondays.


Time to watch football with MacCoffee

March became the long-awaited holiday for football lovers: the matches of Russian Premier League finally resumed. MacCoffee helped numerous fans to see their favourite teams play by sponsoring many exciting matches including the CSKA-Spartak derby, Krasnodar-Zenit, Rostov-CSKA, Anji-Spartak, Krasnodar-Lokomotiv games. And many more!


MacCoffee for exciting hockey!

Hockey is one of the most popular sports in Russia, so MacCoffee is eager to support the Russian team. On February 11 and 13 we saw some excellent playing again when Russian and Czech teams met in the first two stages of the European Hockey Tour.


New MacCoffee Strong, new aroma and new strength!

We are happy to present something really tough to all the lovers of strong coffee: MacCoffee Strong 3in1 with cream and sugar.


MacCoffee supported the triumph of Russian figure skaters at European championship

MacCoffee is continuing its close cooperation with figure skating, one of the most beautiful sports. This time, MacCoffee lended passionate support to Russian athletes at the European Figure Skating Championship that took place in Bratislava between January 26 and 31.

New MacCoffee Classic

New product from MacCoffee MacCoffee Classic. It is agglomerated coffee with classic soft taste that will become the sign of a great day.


New MacCoffee Aromio

We are happy to introduce new MacCoffee product - MacCoffee Aromio. Freeze dried coffee with the addition of ground coffee, which combined the convenience of brewing instant coffee in crystals with a delicate taste of exclusive natural coffee.


City Days Novosibirsk, Novokuzentsk, Tomsk!

This summer MacCoffee provided the citizens of Novosibirsk, Novokuzentsk, Tomsk with happy moments and tasty Cappuccino di Torino. We integrated into the Siberians City Days where people could come together with their friends and families, make pictures, have fun, take part in quizzes and many other entertaining events and of course consume a cup of delicious Cappuccino di Torino.


MacCoffee Cappuccino di Torino wins Product of the Year 2018 National Award

On November 14 the annual Product of the Year 2018 National Award ceremony took place in Izvestia Hall (Moscow). The prize is awarded annually to the most popular FMCG products. Partners of the Award are the leading research companies.

10.08.2018 10:58:00

India meets Italy in Moscow

MacCoffee took part in a big colorful festival of Indian culture in Moscow.


MacCoffee Nirvana oasis in a hectic city

International Yoga day was held for the first time in Moscow Ostankino Park (VDNKH) with the hot support of MacCoffee.


Hot April with MacCoffee

MacCoffee supported this spring’s hottest festival: GrelkaFest. The event was arranged for the fifth time at Sheregesh mountain ski resort in Kemerovo region. This year it took place between April 7 th and 23 rd on Zelenaya mountain slopes.


MacCoffee is the sponsor of Everybody Dance! grand TV show

The main TV dance marathon of the season is declared open.

From March, 19th, a new Everybody Dance! project is to be broadcast in prime time, at 6 p.m., on Sundays by Russia 2 national TV channel: a show promising to be bright, impressive and breathtaking.


New MacFito with ginseng

We are happy to present MacFito Chicory with Ginseng Our new beverage is 100% natural extract of chicory with the addition of ginseng, which helps to reduce fatigue and improves mental and physical performance.


We are the best ones again: MacCoffee becomes Product of the Year!

The MacCoffee brand has received another proof of customer loyalty and recognition.


'Test Purchase' MacCoffee demonstrates the best results again!

MacCoffee as a brand demonstrated its leadership again.


MacCoffee brings good luck to Russian football players

In early August, two Russian football teams, CSKA Moscow and Kuban Krasnodar, had their playoff for European cups qualification.


MacCoffee celebrates Novosibirsk Day with a concert

Novosibirsk, often called the scientific capital of Russia, celebrated its anniversary on the last Sunday of June.


MacCoffee supports Russian football and hockey teams

MacCoffee is keeping to its good tradition of supporting Russian athletes.


Crystallized coffee: new generation of MacCoffee drinks

MacCoffee is redefining coffee drinks.


MacCoffee impresses Southern Russia with ads

Summer: the perfect time for new impressions and eye-catching visual experiences.

MacCoffee Provides Hot Support for Russian Team on Euro Hockey Tour

In early February, the first part of the Euro Hockey Tour group stage took place, where MacCoffee took the opportunity to support Russian ice hockey players and bring warmth to their devoted fans who were supporting them both at the stadiums and through TV.

Stockholm Ice Triumph Supported By MacCoffee

The new year start was, according to good tradition, marked by the European Ice Skating Cup that took place in the capital of Sweden.