News from MacCoffee

Were always doing our best to amaze our beloved fans of world' best beverage. Now, meet the new and attracting MacCoffee Arabica. Its created by our experts who used the best Oriental recipes to satisfy even the most choiceful coffee-tasters.

'Test Purchase' MacCoffee Takes It All!

MacCoffee as a brand is back to confirm its leadership. In early November, the consumer TV show Test Purchase featured the survey of instant coffee. Channel 1s Test Purchase provides the most up-to-date consumer information expertise and is the most-known consumer TV show for years.

In MacCoffee consumers trust

On October, 25th the annual 'Top Popular Brand' contest was held, and the golden award in the 'Coffee Drink' nomination went, by far, to MacCoffee. That's how consumers showed once more their attitude to the brand and the product.

MacCoffee at the first stage of the Euro Tour

None of significant sport events takes place without MacCoffee now. In this September, the brand took sponsorship over such event again.

Winning with MacCoffee

MacCoffee is increasing and tightening its partner relationship with the most popular sports. Within this trend, we continue to support the Russian soccer team at all important qualification matches of the '14 World Championship in Kazan and St. Petersburg.

Mountain Biking with MacCoffee & Kracks

Where there’s fun and sporty mood; where there’s some hot events to attract numerous fans and spectators, where there’s everything new and exciting – that’s just the right place for MacCoffee and Kracks. As the new way to meet our fans, we got involved in MTB downhill competitions that took place at the end of this August in the capital of Kabardino-Balkaria, the Sothern Russian region.

Arts and Coffee, our Gift for Novosibirsk

Novosibirsk, the young fast-expanding city, optimistic about its future, is celebrating its 120th anniversary with large-scale holiday. Although the weather was not too fine, thousands of city dwellers came to the main square. MacCoffee was just the thing to warm everybody.

This Summers MacCoffee

The new midsummer is here – so meet our hot ‘Sleepless in Summer’ program, its already launched and increasing. For many Russians its already a good tradition to spend sunny and funny summer months accompanied by beloved MacCoffee.

Hot Ice Hockey - Now With MacCoffee

MacCoffee joined in as the official sponsor for TV broadcasting of Ice Hockey World Championship in Latvia and Belarus. These countries are traditionally among those with high grade of interest for ice hockey, so our company was again amidst the top-popular sports event for TV audience in those countries.

Cheering the Basketball Euro League

Meet MacCoffee as the official sponsor of FIBA Euro League’s Final Four. The famous competition, attracting dozens of thousands fans every year, is the culmination of the most popular basketball tour of Europe.

Maslenitsa in Nizhny with MacCoffee

This year, Russian traditional Maslenitsa (the weekend before the Lent) was celebrated on the third weekend of March. On those days, March 16th and 17th, in Nizhny Novgorod MacCoffee sponsored all the events of this year's festival.

MacCoffee's Hot Shots at the Spring Ski Track

On Sunday, March 3rd, in Barnaul the 18th traditional Ski Festival took place. The competition turned a true national-wide event, as it was combined by time with the federal 'Russian Ski Track'.

Zagreb as a Rehearsal Before Sochi

In late January, Croatia's capital hosted this year's Europe figure skating championship. Top events like this are always good attractors for fans and sport enthusiasts of all ages.