MacCoffee Brand History

The early 90s marked the start of revolutionary changes all around the globe. Tuned to the zeitgeist, Food Empire Holdings launched MacCoffee 3-in-1 instant coffee drink, an exciting innovation that would later change the way people perceived and consumed coffee.

Only a few years later, by the late 90s, MacCoffee was on sale at numerous kiosks in Russia, as well as at local markets.

Over the years, it has gained popularity in many countries: customers grew to love its rich aroma, excellent taste and premium quality. Thanks to all of these, the brand has become the world leader in its segment.

Its success has been enhanced with constant market research. MacCoffee has always been concerned about what market needs were. The brand showed strong and positive brand equity and has always been present in the local market.

A true innovator, MacCoffee continues to offer new and unique products of different kinds. MacCoffee has been the leader on the market for many years, for its quality standards, rich taste and convenience in consumption are unrivaled. It remains a household favourite in many countries especially Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and several CIS countries.

MacCoffee in Russia

In 1994 MacCoffee expanded to its first non-Asian market – and it was Russia. Shortly afterwards the Moscow office of Future Enterprises opened in 1995. Later on Future Enterprises became part of Food Empire Holdings.

MacCoffee 3-in-1 was the first product to enter the Russian market. Thanks to its perfect combination of coffee, sugar and cream customers immediately came to love it, and it became one of the leaders in its segment. As our share on the Russian market was growing, a new instant coffee plant was built in the town of Yakhroma (Moscow region) in 2006.

Currently the company continues to broaden its distribution network, builds up its long-term cooperation with partners all over Russia and retains its position as the number one brand in Russia.