In the 80s, before the MacCoffee brand was born, its founder Tan Wang Cheow had been exporting personal computers and peripherals to Eastern Europe and Central Asia. It allowed him to make some crucial observations about customers in those countries. The fact that winter temperatures in some of those countries lasted for more than half a year while there was no easy way to get a hot beverage, suggested him an idea to create such a product.

So then, during one of his trips to Kazakhstan, Wang Cheow brought along few sachets of instant coffee 3-in-1.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, Eastern European countries began to open up and welcomed foreign investments. The political situation in the region was steady and positive. Besides, Eastern Europe was a very appealing untapped market and presented a lot of good opportunities.

1994 – foundation of MacCoffee and opening of its Moscow office.

2003 – Construction of a MacCoffee plant in Russia

2008 – MacCoffee was one of the sponsors of the 2008 UEFA European Football Championship.

2008 – MacCoffee was one of the sponsors of the 2008 FIFA World Cup

2009 – MacCoffee was the Official Sponsor of the ISU European Figure Skating Championships 2009 in Helsinki

2010 – Junior Gymnastics Competitions MacCoffee supported Junior Gymnastics Competitions in Fryazino (Moscow region).

2010 – Don’t oversleep your summer: Outdoor Ad campaign This advertising campaign covered the most sought after summer destinations in Russia: Sochi, Anapa, Gelezdzhik, Novorossiysk, as well as various places of the popular Altai region: Barnaul, Gornoaltaysk, Biysk, Belokurikha and Novosibirsk.

2011 – outdoor advertising campaign "Don't Slumber Away the Summer!" MacCoffee has once again made itself known to thousands of tourists and vacationers. In 2011, the company's geography has widened to include Rostov and Krasnodar, the "gateway" to the Black Sea and Azov Sea coasts.

  • Sponsorship of the European Figure Skating Championship in Sheffield (England);
  • A large-scale federal advertising campaign in support of the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship (UEFA EURO 2012);
  • Outdoor advertising campaign "Don't Slumber Away the Summer!". Besides traditional resort cities, cities with the population of 1 million people have been added to the list.