18 MacCoffee
TV commercials
were made
17 points of strict
before the product
reaches the store shelves
16 awards
for product quality
received worldwide
15 awards for successful branding
14 companies participated in creating
MacCoffee’s unique taste
13 people are drinking MacCoffee
every 0.1 of a second
12 monthsa year we preserve the quality
of MacCoffee
11 variations of theMacCoffee Original was developed
before the unique and ultimate taste
was chosen
10 lines at the factory dedicated to producing MacCoffee
9 new niche brands for various countries were developed
in light of MacCoffee’s success
8 consecutive years MacCoffee becomes the official partner of the ISU European Figure Skating Championship
7 various product
are introduced under the MacCoffee brand: 3in1, Cappuccino, Instant Coffee, Roast&Ground Coffee, Wellness Coffee, 2in1, Non-dairy Creamer
6 years was all it took for the MacCoffee
brand to receive the best quality
award in Paris Expo
5 factories worldwide
4 billion cups of MacCoffee drunk annually
3 constant key ingredients make up the unique MacCoffee taste which is loved by millions
2 times the distance from Earth to Moon can be covered
by the sachets produced
over the last 10 years
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